The way to look at life. 4-19-11

While walking around stores today (since I don’t have school) I smiled at everyone that looked at me in the eyes. All I got was smiles back :) These were from some of most grumpy looking people and it was like this one thing small as a smile caught on like a disease. From now on I am going to try to smille at people I don’t know. Its free, and makes people’s days. So what cost does it effect me? I don’t think it has a negative effect on me far as I know. 

Back to school, for now :) 4-12-11


I have been pretty busy lately with school. I found time to blog. ha :) butttt I have been working on some arts&crafts projects. I might post them when I am finished. These days have been boring; as I soon have another break coming up anyways :3.

Love &zombies,

Awwww Kali i'm your first and only follower! :D

lmao! yep :D question: howd you get the music on your page? i got the player i just need the music now

To Start Off :) 04-9-11


Daily quote.

I started off this blog with this quote. Fears are what stop us all and my thoughts are conquer the fear and rest comes with.